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FeelGood-Service from the FeelGood-Bank in Hannover

Sparda-Bank Hannover has relied on technology from Avaya for many years.
During the course of a reorganization of the bank’s US-based communication provider in 2009, IP Dynamics presented itself to Sparda-Bank Hannover eG as an Avaya certified partner and met with immediate appeal, as the bank’s IT head, Florian Schedler, relates:
“Whenever we talk with IP Dynamics, they listen closely and provide the best advice. Their quotes and services fit our needs perfectly, without overlooking market innovations. In short, they know exactly what we need and don’t bother us with features we don’t want”.
Turning over servicing and maintenance of the telephone system to IP Dynamics (IPD) was the logical thing to do, the IT head believes. All 26 branch offices and their individual TC systems with 230 to 300 substations are now being overseen by the Hamburg-based firm.
“Mixed systems,“ like those used by Sparda-Bank, which consist of both digital and analog IP systems, require well-trained technicians. “IP Dynamics has the best people and, more than that, they are quick to respond. That’s what makes working with them so agreeable“, Schedler emphasizes.
The bank is happy to have IP Dynamics around the corner in their new location in Hannover (since 07/2012).

About Sparda-Bank Hannover eG

Sparda-Bank Hannover was founded in 1903 by and for railway workers under the name “Savings and Loan Association of Railway Officials and Employees for the Rail Administrative District of Hannover GmbH,“ with the aim of achieving greater solidarity with respect to financial matters. The bank was founded with the primary goal of fostering the financial interests of its members. Even one hundred years on, this co-operative spirit is still at the core of our business philosophy.
Today, Sparda-Bank Hannover eG is open not only to railway employees but to all working people. Customers have a choice between the round-the-clock service available through online banking and individualized, one-on-one counseling at any of our offices.

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