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IP Dynamics - an active-minded IT company

IP Dynamics GmbH, founded in 2005, is an independent IT company with offices in eight locations across Germany and one subsidiary in Switzerland (IP Dynamics Swiss AG). Every day our highly qualified staff of over 100 work on innovative IT solutions for companies just like yours – from consultancy to concept and implementation right through to final installation and operation.
Our speciality: Delivering integrated IT solutions in enterprise commmunications along with ultra-modern fully equipped workstations with all the applications you require. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, and with the many other partnerships we enjoy, we are the right choice for your company too.
So much for the facts: there‘s a lot more to us than that. We don’t see ourselves as a typical IT company, but more as an extended family of specialists . It shows in our culture, as we are forever helping one another and collaborating across departments as the need arises. The word ‚silo‘ just isn‘t part of our vocabulary. Anyone who works with us will tell you: from day one there is a palpable confidence and a responsibility to actively shape the future for IP Dynamics, and one‘s own future in the process. In our world, difficult challenges and a flat hierarchical structure sit perfectly together. Top class technology needs to be complemented by top class people. That‘s what has made us the successful IT company we are today. That‘s what has given us a loyal team , who give their all in delivering the right IT solutions for you, the client.

Christian Stölken & Bertram Göhring, Managing Directors
Christian Stölken & Bertram Göhring, Managing Directors

What our staff say

„We are Dynamic with a capital D!!“

„We’re very competent technically, and often take on very complex tasks which others wouldn‘t trust themselves with.“

„The staff here work for this company as if it was their own.“

„Whenever there‘s a problem with something, we’re always open with our clients. We talk to them directly and try to work out a solution. And that tends to prevent problems.“

„We’re a good mix of young and old here. We really glue as a team.“

What we stand for

  • IT-Expertise

    Our specialists may appear to know everything, but knowing isn’t everything. You need empathy, enthusiasm and out-of the-box thinking to go with it. These attributes are what makes us a committed partner, always able to advise at the right level.

  • Ambition

    When an off-the-shelf solution falls short of what‘s needed, then something bespoke is called for. And that‘s where the technical creativity at IP Dynamics shows its worth: we develop solutions that haven‘t yet been thought of ... and we do it all by ourselves. We have no shortage of examples to prove it.

  • Engagement

    Every client is a great client in our eyes. It‘s been that way since we started out with conventional phone systems, and it‘s still that way now that we are an experienced IT system provider. And it is reflected in the quality of everything we do for you.

  • Fortschritt

    It‘s our business to know what the future holds. As soon as a new technology beckons, which can work to your competitive advantage, we‘re on it. Our instant cloud solutions are one innovative example.

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