Christoph Kroschke GmbH acts with IP telephony

Germany’s lead­ing solu­tion provider and ser­vice part­ner for auto­mo­tive ser­vices op-​timized his busi­ness processes with IP tele­phony and con­tact cen­ter solu­tions.

The suc­cess­ful and qual­i­fied com­pany is enthu­si­as­tic about the step towards dig­i­ti­za­tion and decided to make a smooth migra­tion from out­dated ISDN tele­phone sys­tems to the new techno-​logy of IP tele­phony.

Due to a con­tin­u­ously strong busi­ness growth, which pushed the old sys­tems to their lim­its, in-novaphone’s IP tele­phony solu­tion was cho­sen in con­junc­tion with a Vox­tron Com­mu­ni­ca­tion Cen­ter. PBX sys­tems, ter­mi­nal devices or soft­ware clients and man­age­ment soft­ware enable, among other things, tech­ni­cal future secu­rity as well as flex­i­ble, location-​independent work­ing. Together with IP Dynam­ics, a secure tran­si­tion to IP tele­phony was ensured in a three-​phase process, cou­pled with the soft­ware for admin­is­tra­tion, as well as con­tact cen­ter, UC and moni-​toring func­tion­al­i­ties.

In order to be able for a real-​time oper­a­tion to cus­tomers, the tran­si­tion to mod­ern tele­phone sys­tems is an effi­cient and effec­tive mea­sure for the com­pany. With this renewal the callers can rely on the best indi­vid­ual solu­tion.

Read now the com­plete arti­cle about the con­ver­sion to the VoIP sys­tem under ref­er­ences.

If you are also con­cerned about the con­ver­sion from ISDN to VoIP, please do not hes­i­tate to con­tact us.