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Blue sky thinking

All our products – from VoIP to Collaboration to Contact Center – are available not only as conventional on-premise solutions, but also as cloud computing software, dynamically adapted to the needs of the company. Across the network, connections are set up to external servers over which various applications are in turn rolled out. Applications such as Office 365 Enterprise E5 Online Services with cloud PBX, PSTN conferencing, Exchange Online, Sharepoint, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Cloud and also a cloud Contact Center. With us you get essentially „everything-as-a-service“: software-as-a-service, platform-as-a-service, infrastructure-as-a-service and even database-as-a-dervice. The great benefit is that instead of purchasing various hardware and IT services, you avail of them as cloud computing software. In other words, you rent them, and in doing so you swap expensive up-front investment for variable usage costs. What‘s more, you can outsource your computing load from your personal hard drive to the shared cloud service.

Speziell für Startups und Kleinunternehmen: IPD NOW.

We have developed IPD NOW as a cloud solution especially suited to start-ups and small businesses. Due to its modular design, it represents exceptional value for money and delivers all the benefits which larger businesses enjoy – straight from the cloud: IP-based telephony, Office 365, Skype for Business and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Cloud. Not to mention, of course, the most modern of hardware and our renowned service.


Cloud communication

There’s something in it for everyone.

For the user For your IT department For your business
For the user For your IT department For your business
UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS AND COLLABORATION are the magic words. In one corner you have the conventional phone and fax. In the other, the most modern of cloud technologies such as messaging, webconferencing and presence status, enabling your staff to enjoy the entire spectrum of communications, both internally and externally.

SYNCHRONISATION ensures the ultimate in availability. All your information, all your contacts, your entire contact history in fact – always at hand, on all devices. So an audio message on your smartphone can also be picked up on your PC ... or the other way round.

INTUITIVE USER NAVIGATION can take a lot of the strain out of work. From serving so many users, cloud service providers typically have expert knowledge of what functions will be used and how, and can optimise user interfaces accordingly.

SUPPORT FOR VARIOUS DEVICES is guaranteed by providers of cloud solutions, both for conventional smartphone and PC operating systems as well as for commonly used browsers. That support extends to the many different screen types, to browser versions that are ever evolving and to entirely new devices – such as wearables, for example.

AVAILABILITY is ultimately a question of internet access. It is this access which provides staff with the flexibility to shape their lives in a way that makes sense to them. For some it means being more productive when travelling, for others it means using Home Office to balance work and family. Problems like transport disruptions, childminders getting sick, or traffic gridlock can all be overcome. Staff can simply work where they can be at their most efficient. And in many jobs that means well away from the noisy open plan office!
ACQUISITION COSTS need no longer be a source of dread. Normally cloud services are paid for based on usage or on a flat fee, such as monthly per user, for example. Both can be tweaked to best suit the situation at hand. Gone are the days of wasted investment in hardware which turns out to be either unsuitable or is scarcely used. The savings can start right at your desk, with a softphone and headset taking the place of the classic office phone.

FREED UP RESOURCES through your cloud provider, who for a monthly fee takes charge of the entire management of hardware and is always on standby. Most updates take place automatically without the user ever knowing about them. The whole internal effort of maintaining and operating the system is by and largely dispensed with.

CENTRALISATION makes for greater efficiency. Many large organisations continue to operate separate phone systems in their subsidiaries – systems which require lots of time and effort to maintain and support. Cloud telephony, on the other hand, allows even large international companies to operate a centralised phone system in a simple and cost-effective manner.

CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT instead of computer chaos! Installing software updates several times a year used to be the norm, as was all the downtime and nightshifts that went with them. In complete contrast, Unified-Communications-as-a-Service is subject to a continuous improvement process based in part on your user data.
FASTER PROCESSES right across your business. Unified Communications in the cloud speed up communication-based processes in an organisation. No need to wait until the boss is back to get an answer to that question or to get that document approved. And, with videoconferencing for example, meetings can be arranged even if one colleague happens to be in the US and another in China.

EXPANSION made simple. With the cloud behind you, it is so easy to expand your business footprint, be it a small subsidiary within your own country or a network of offices across the globe. And quite often it’s not even necessary to set up a physical office with all the technology, logistics and other overhead that goes with it.

KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT boils down to one thing above all else in today’s world: cloud technology enabling quicker transfer of information across the organisation. Address databases are helping staff to identify the right people for a particular problem and to contact them directly, while internal social networks ensure that once a solution is found, the learning
is not lost, but can be retrieved when needed in the future.

LEANER STRUCTURE and less hierarchy. Watch as the cloud liberates staff members, facilitating more self-organisation and making it possible to work together with other parts of the organisation at any time. For far-sighted companies that presents an opportunity to dismantle superfluous hierarchies and work successfully under a leaner structure.

Our hybrid and full-cloud solutions

How much cloud do you want today? You decide!

The decision to opt for cloud computing software doesn‘t have to be an „either or“. Our enterprise-approved hybrid cloud solutions allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds, while all the time remaining as flexible as possible. An example of such a solution is Microsoft Azure.

Azure is a constantly expanding collection of integrated cloud services available worldwide for analysis, computing, databases, mobile devices, networks, storage and the web. With the Azure cloud solution, data storage, security and recovery becomes more efficient and more economical. Applications running both locally and in the cloud can be created quickly and easily. And best of all: you only pay for what you use.

Microsoft Azure - explained in under two minutes.

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