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They say the best emails are those that are never written. That‘s particularly true since Office365 Business has made inroads in the corporate world, since unified collaboration has become more and more the norm, and since SharePoint solutions has changed the way we work with our colleagues. It‘s not a case of collaboration having to get more efficient and smoother. It‘s already happening. With unified collaboration, data can be searched, found, processed, synchronised and presented quicker than ever before. And for those who can‘t do without them, emails can still be written in the future!

The benefits of collaboration

  • Better overview due to unified collaboration

    Instead of disseminating data all around the place, and all around the world, colleagues across the globe can access the same data.

  • device-neutral

    The prerequisite for collaborative work is no longer a particular hardware or software, it‘s simply access to the internet.

  • quicker decision-making

    Centralized documents and direct communication, using Chat for example, accelerate feedback and speed up processes.

  • fewer travel costs due to microsoft sharepoint solutions

    Unified collaboration and SharePoint solutions make meetings not just leaner but often entirely redundant.

Our collaboration products

Working together for the future


Microsoft SharePoint solutions

The intelligent platform.

Microsoft SharePoint solutions are the ideal combination of document archive, Intranet and social network, with which the staff member can independently organise projects and collaboration with colleagues – irrespective of the input device. It is available as a stand-alone product or as part of Office365 Business.

Skype for Business

Skype for Business

Turbocharging communication.

Need to update contact details while on the phone? No problem. A quick call with up to 250 colleagues? Again, no worries. Nor is checking the presence of a colleague, Instant Messaging or collaborative creation and showing of a presentation via Desktop Sharing. These are all features of Unified Communications, which you soon won‘t want to do without.

Office 365

Office 365 for business

Time and space are relative.

Is your mailbox jammed with endless versions of the same document? How about a single document that everyone authorized can work on at any time, from anywhere in the world, in real time? We have all you need to make it happen – from Office 365 Business through to Office 365 Enterprise E5.

New: Office 365 Enterprise E5 Online Services

Alongside the trusted Office Tools, namely Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Skype and other mainstays, Office 365 Enterprise E5 Online Services offers lots more benefits. Such as PSTN conferencing, where one can partake in online meetings without the need for an internet connection. Or modern voice features with Cloud PBX. Or Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, analytics tools and a lot more besides.

Apropos more - the E5 features:

Security Analytics Voice
Erweiterte Sicherheit Analytics Voice
Advanced Threat Protection:
Zero-day threat and malware protection

Advanced Security Management:
Enhanced visibility and control

Customer Lockbox:
Maintain end to end compliance

Advanced eDiscovery
Identifying the relevant data quickly
Power BI Pro:
Live business analytics and visualization

Individual and team effectiveness
PSTN Conferencing:
Worldwide dial-in for your online meetings

Cloud PBX:
Business phone system in the cloud

PSTN Calling:
Cost effective cloud based dial tone (add-on)

Our reference

Keeping it together

Testimonial: UCC features for Optima


Packing machine manufacturer Optima, based in Schwäbisch Hall in Germany, employs a workforce of 2,000 staff in a dozen countries. Using the most up-to-date features of unified communications and collaboration, IP Dynamics ensures that the staff work together more efficiently and that their customers are looked after better than ever.

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