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Contact Center with Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft has already announced to replace Skype for Busi­ness Online by the 2017 released com­mu­ni­ca­tion ser­vice Teams. Teams offers more func­tion­al­ity and sup­ports not only phone calls, chats and con­fer­ences, but also pro­vides a col­lab­o­ra­tion plat­form. At the end of July, the Red­mond com­pany pre­sented a con­crete sched­ule and announced the offi­cial retire­ment of the online ver­sion of Skype for Busi­ness on July 31, 2021. The ser­vice will no longer be avail­able from this date. But even if the des­ig­nated replace­ment is already set up with Microsoft Teams, the ser­vice for Skype for Busi­ness Online will be fully main­tained until 2021. Thus, com­pa­nies that cur­rently use the ser­vice do not have to fear any restric­tions.

Users of the On Premises ver­sion of Skype for Busi­ness, which is also used in Con­tact Cen­ter solu­tions, don’t have to worry any­way. The cur­rent ver­sion of their soft­ware (2019) will be sup­ported for another five years in reg­u­lar sup­port and a fur­ther two years in extended sup­port.

Microsoft announced to help cus­tomers migrate from Skype for Busi­ness to Teams. This includes com­pa­nies where the appli­ca­tion is to be used within a Con­tact Cen­ter. There­fore, Microsoft has formed strate­gic part­ner­ships with com­pa­nies such as Five9, Genesys and NICE. Despite these for­mal agree­ments, how­ever, no con­crete solu­tions have yet been devel­oped for the imple­men­ta­tion of the Teams online ver­sion. The required APIs sim­ply do not yet exist or have yet to be released.

IP Dynam­ics as a long-​term Microsoft Gold Part­ner is in con­struc­tive dis­cus­sions with the Red­mond com­pany and is work­ing hard to develop future-​proof solu­tions. In the future, for exam­ple, the con­nec­tion of Microsoft Teams with the Vox­tron Com­mu­ni­ca­tion Cen­ter of Eng­house will be made pos­si­ble via suit­able inter­faces.

In any case, there is no rea­son for uncer­tainty due to Microsoft’s announce­ment. As soon as Skype for Busi­ness actu­ally reaches retire­ment age, sus­tain­able and user-​oriented solu­tions will be avail­able in the con­tact cen­ter seg­ment.