L.W. Cretschmar GmbH & Co. KG

Free sailing with the new data network at CretschmarCargo

The consolidation of two locations into a new office prompted a far-reaching renewal of the existing IT data network at the Cretschmar Group in Dusseldorf. Moreover, the aging telephone system did not allow our growing company to expand its roster of phone numbers and extensions. Working together with an external IT consulting agency (DVPT), CretschmarCargo conducted a careful needs analysis with the aim of soliciting project bids. This was carried out on the basis of more than 100 pages of requirement specifications.

Project manager Wolf-Hendryk Meyer describes the intensive process of selection: “The best known among the large service providers were quickly sidelined by our requirement that everything be handled by one provider, who would serve as the designated contact for everything having to do with the overall project.” IP Dynamics distinguished itself with its careful assessment of the time and effort that would be required, its solid expertise and AVAYA solutions. IPD made use of the AVAYA 5530 series as part of the complete replacement of existing data switches at three locations in Dusseldorf, together with the ERS 4850 GTS-PWR+ series.

“The process of data integration was uncharted territory for us and we were able to learn a great deal from the IP Dynamics team. In the end, despite the high degree of complexity we were facing, we were eager to build up our own level of knowhow and thereby free ourselves from dependence upon any one single manufacturer,“ Meyer says, praising theopen-mindedness and proficiency that characterized the collaboration between his own IT-team and the team from IPD. IP telephony is now ensured through the implementation of the AVAYA Aura Communication Manager at all locations. And classic telephony interfaces (analog, ISDN) have been accommodated via decentralized media gateways.

The new CTI and VPL functions are fulfilled by use of DialIT as the CTI and presence solution, Dynamic Attendant as the tailored switchboard interface and the universal TAPI interface via the V:server from IP Dynamics. WolfHendryk Meyer is satisfied that he made the right decision in choosing IP Dynamics and rates this project as one of the best he has ever undertaken at CretschmarCargo.

Products/ solutions used at Cretschmar:

  • AVAYA-Reihe 5530, ERS 4850GTS-PWR+ with 48 10/100 0/1000 802.3at PoE+ & 2SFP Po
  • AVAYA Aura Communication Manager 6
  • AVAYA-Reihe 55Avaya terminal device 9611G
  • Prognosis VoIP Traffic Monitoring
  • TAPI interface via IP Dynamics V:Server
  • DailIT as CTI and presence solution
  • Dynamic Attendant (solution by IP Dynamics)
  • Nagios with check_mK and NagVis