Eckes-Granini Deutschland GmbH

Impressive technology, solution-orientated implementation.

Eckes-Granini is headquartered in Nieder-Olm and has plants in Bröl and Bad Fallingbostel. In 2009, the company decided to replace its outdated telecoms system with up-to-date technology. A tender issued to all major telecoms manufacturers quickly revealed that Avaya provided the features that Eckes-Granini wanted. These included connecting the telecoms system to a paging system, integrating the plants in Bröl and Bad Fallingbostel into the telecoms control centre in Nieder-Olm, and state-of-the-art services such as a call journal, extended redial options, caller identification, etc.

"IP Dynamics - the recommended Avaya sales partner - understood the challenge from the very first moment and proved extremely flexible time and time again during the planning and implementation stages," summarises Andreas Köster, Head of IT at Eckes-Granini.

For instance, solutions were tested on site and underwent test runs at the Bröl and Bad Fallingbostel sites before they were released to go live. When it came to installation, IP Dynamics also patiently worked around the delays caused by moving the headquarters to a new build.

"Right from the start, you could tell that Avaya wanted to be awarded this contract with IP Dynamics. And the dedicated impression they gave us was not misleading. Choosing IP Dynamics as our telecoms partner was the right decision and we are already working on a solution to enable calls in the central queue to be accessed on an individual basis." Andreas Köster, Head of IT, Eckes-Granini.

Products/solutions used at Eckes-Granini:

 Avaya Communication Manager
 Avaya S8500 Media Server with G450 Media Gateways
 Avaya Call Center Elite
 Avaya C3000 Unified Messaging
 Ek Soft DailIT (Office CTI)