Enghouse Interactive Awards


For the first time in the course of the Eng­house Vision 20XX Con­fer­ence, it was decided who should win the Eng­house Inter­ac­tive Awards.

IP Dynam­ics won two awards this year. Soft­ware Devel­oper Andreas Kwas­nik was hon­oured with the title “Tech­ni­cal Super Brain 2018” because he effec­tively “exploits” the strengths of the Vox­tron Con­tact Cen­ter on the basis of solu­tion designs and for­mu­lates the best solu­tions. Like­wise Inga Boos, Devel­oper Con­tact Cen­ter, is delighted to receive the “High Qual­ity Prob­lem Analyser 2018” award. Due to her extremely struc­tured pre-​qualification and unique prob­lem solv­ing she has truly earned the award.

IP Dynam­ics is happy for the two col­leagues and the appre­ci­a­tion of the work behind the scenes.

We say thank you very much!