Garmin Velothon Berlin – A great performance!


Ham­burg, 06.09.2015. Garmin Velothon Berlin brings cycling to the peo­ple. Ever since its pre­miere in May 2008, this event has made a name for itself as the sec­ond biggest cycling race of its kind in Europe. Skirt­ing many major tourist sites, the route drew 13,000 par­tic­i­pants, mak­ing for a grand-​scale sport­ing event.

The 60 km – as well as the 120 km route – took the par­tic­i­pants past all the top attrac­tions in Berlin and ended on the home stretch Strasse des 17. Juni (July 17 Street). Ole Kauff­mann und Wladimir Ped proved more than up to the 120 km chal­lenge – a route designed for more ambi­tious cyclists who wanted to test their fit­ness and endurance. The road led cyclists into the out­skirts of Berlin and on to neigh­bor­ing Bran­den­burg, where it wound its way through Klein­mach­now, Stahns­dorf, Güter­felde, Neubeeren, Spu­ten­dorf, Schenken­horst and Lud­wigs­felde before return­ing to Berlin on the B101, which was closed to traf­fic for the race.