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With all the clever communication solutions we offer, at some stage the conversation has to turn to IT equipment. Here the same rules apply as apply to everything at IP Dynamics: first, we take a good look at what you already have. Then we advise you what you need. And in the end you decide what you want, and how you want it.

As IT supplier, we can provide you with just about everything that makes up today‘s ultra-modern workstation: laptops, tablets, desktop PCs, phones, round table cameras, Surface Hubs, spatial systems, gateways and, of course, accessories such as printers, switches, servers and headsets. All top quality articles, thanks to our first class partners. And even if it has to be the computer with the apple on the front, we’ll find a solution there too.

Whether you decide to purchase your IT equipment or opt for IT leasing: that too, is entirely your decision.

The products and the names behind them

  • Phones

    We provide IP phones from Polycom and innovaphone alongside smartphones from other blue chip brands.

  • Gateways

    Here we place our confidence in the expertise of Ferrari Electronics, AudioCodes and innovaphone.

  • Headsets

    Based on our many years of experience as an IT supplier, we recommend headset solutions from Jabra, Sennheiser and Plantronics.

  • Videoconferencing systems & Microsoft Surface Hub: Available as IT Leasing

    We recommend the manufacturers Polycom and Crestron. And if you’re looking for that something extra, it‘s got to be the Surface Hub from Microsoft.

  • Other IT equipment

    From the mouse to the printer: whatever accessory you require, we have it.

  • Computers IT leasing

    Just the computer you need, or just the one you want, or both – laptop or desktop, purchase or IT leasing, we have it.


Use the multi-touch technology, and set new ideas free! Developed as a mix of conferencing system, whiteboard and mega-tablet specifically to enhance teamwork, the Microsoft Surface Hub unlocks the full potential in your staff – on a stunning multi-touch screen up to 84-inch in size. The message to your staff could not be clearer: you’re in a cutting-edge work environment.

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