New platform for global corporate communications

Hauni Maschinenbau GmbH, a synonym for first-class engineering from Germany, is a further prominent company that has opted for the “Voxtron Communication Center” omnichannel solution with integrated “Skype for Business”. The solution offers the traditional Hamburg-based company a uniform platform for inbound telephony and online and video conferencing for its international locations.

Hauni is the world’s leading provider of technologies and technical and consulting services for the international tobacco industry and the lead company in the Business Area Tobacco of the Körber Group. The Business Area has about 4,300 employees and more than 20 locations worldwide. For its global communications management, Hauni uses the “Voxtron Communication Center” omnichannel solution from Enghouse Interactive with integrated “Skype for Business” Client, installed by the IP Dynamics systems house, in its Hamburg head office. In our current communications, “Skype for Business” is indispensable, as it offers all employees across all locations a uniform platform for telephony, online conferences, videos and approval of content,” says Andreas Laschus, IT Service Manager from Hauni’s user service team.

Hauni uses the “Voxtron Communication Center” omnichannel solution primarily for inbound telephony with four hotline numbers and eight agents in total. “With the Enghouse solution, we provide our employees with a tool that enables them to perform their work reliably,” says Laschus. He adds that the self-service channel is the preferred input channel. The most important aspect is to “offer a consistently stable operation to assist the colleagues”, says IT expert Andreas Laschus from Hauni. The absolute priority therefore is a totally reliable solution to ensure telephone availability for urgent faults and the technical customer service employees that are working worldwide.

“We use the ‘Voxtron Communication Center’ in a variety of areas for initial contact,” says Laschus. After the introduction of the omnichannel software with integrated “Skype for Business” Client, the analogue telephones on the helpdesk were eliminated. The welcome side-effect according to Laschus is that calls are no longer simultaneously received through the analogue telephones and “Skype for Business”. Laschus says that this “uncontrollable double burden” is a thing of the past.

The improved integration of IP telephony was also one of the two main reasons for the implementation of the “Voxtron Communication Center” omnichannel solution. The second trigger for the restructuring of Hauni’s global communications management was that a coupling or combination with “Skype for Business” was not possible with the predecessor solution. The replacement of the existing system had also become necessary because the old ACD applications were no longer supported on a Windows Server 2003.

The new solution had to meet the following conditions:

  • Fast, reliable and competent support for users on IT issues in the case of faults or jobs issues through central numbers.
  • Possibility for users to obtain information about wellknown faults through call routing.
  • Even distribution of incoming calls to the employees or agents available.
  • Handling of communications through several communications channels.

In the search for a solution that met Hauni’s requirements profile, the Enghouse solution recommended by IP Dynamics emerged as the price-performance winner, as it convinced us in terms of performance and reported positive experiences and also in terms of price,” says Andreas Laschus.

In addition to the requirements set out above, the IT expert says that the “Voxtron Communication Center” omnichannel solution offers simple handling for the agents, since Hauni has the usual functions at its disposal with the “Skype for Business” Client. The toolbox offers further advantages. For example, it can be used to distribute information about system failures to the agents across sites through a news ticker.

IP Dynamics was responsible for the complete implementation of the “Voxtron Communication Center” omnichannel solution. The systems house had previously specified the ACTUAL / PLANNED status in an on-site workshop and presented the functionalities of the “Voxtron Communication Center” with corresponding integration solution. The “Voxtron Communication Center” omnichannel solution was installed on virtual servers provided by Hauni. The basic installation and first-time configuration were carried out almost entirely on a remote basis.

There were no problems either in connection with the migration of the four hotline numbers or the implementation of additional tasks such as the adaptation of specific databases. “Together with Enghouse, we found a quick solution,” says Mike Meier, Contact Center consultant at IP Dynamics. “As a result of the productive and efficient collaboration with IP Dynamics, we were able to meet our own ambitious timetable and had a functioning test system at our disposal within just a few weeks,” says Andreas Laschus from Hauni. All functions were tested on site with this system, for example, routing, IVR menu, queues, messages, queries about public holidays and business times as well as client functionalities.

The changeover proceeded with no downtime of any note. Hauni employees received instructions in the operation and administration of the “Voxtron Communication Center” on site. Further assistance and support was provided on a remote basis. “We are very satisfied with the 24/7 support from IP Dynamics and Enghouse, as we have always achieved a positive result for all our queries with our direct contacts or a specialist,” says Andreas Laschus from Hauni.