Via the cloud: communication using cloud technologies

Pro­fes­sional Arti­cle

Find out how cloud and UC tech­nolo­gies prac­ti­cally ben­e­fit the mordern every­day work life!


1. Early morn­ing – A huge task but so lit­tle time
2. The cloud and the dig­i­tal trans­for­ma­tion of the work­place
3. Morn­ing – An unex­pected delay
4. The ben­e­fits of cloud-​based com­mu­ni­ca­tions solu­tions
5. Lunchtime – Is the man­age­ment on board?
6. Which cloud-​based com­mu­ni­ca­tions solu­tions are avail­able?
7. After­noon – All sorted
8. The cloud is expand­ing
9. Late after­noon – Show­time
10. Uni­fied com­mu­ni­ca­tions
11. Evening – A brief mes­sage

A lit­tle extract:

Early morn­ing – A huge task but so lit­tle time
Rrrring. Stefan‘s alarm clock has gone off. After sev­eral days away on busi­ness, he would have liked a bit of a liein. But he has an impor­tant sales meet­ing with Meier AG in town this after­noon. He hasn‘t man­aged to do much prepa­ra­tion yet. He looks out of the win­dow – snow every­where.
Rather than fac­ing the traf­fic jams to travel to his Munich office, he decides to work from home and makes him­self a cof­fee. After log­ging on to his lap­top, he uses Out­look to check his e-​mails and voice mails. He for­wards a dig­i­talised fax he‘s received straight on to Account­ing. His col­league Jörg from Ham­burg has com­piled some infor­ma­tion for him for this afternoon’s pre­sen­ta­tion, which he still hasn‘t pre­pared. Jörg tells him about some use­ful pre­sen­ta­tions in the department‘s file repos­i­tory. Ste­fan takes a look – yes, it looks good. But what‘s the best way to struc­ture the con­tents? It would be best to have a brief chat with Jörg.
Within the e-​mail, Ste­fan notices Jörg’s pres­ence sta­tus: online/​available. Great. He clicks on Outlook‘s inte­grated call but­ton and gets hold of him. We should per­haps add “via the Inter­net Pro­to­col”. Because Stefan’s com­pany uses Skype for Busi­ness…

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