InterRisk Insurance invests in the future

The insurance company has entrusted IP Dynamics with a complete overhaul of their telecommunications infrastructure

InterRisk Insurance, represented by InterRisk Versicherungs AG and InterRisk Lebensversicherungs AG, operates with independent brokers as an intermediary-only business. Their portfolio includes accident, liability, property and life insurance. Based in Wiesbaden since 1990, the company has a roughly 110-strong workforce to support its brokers and end-customers.

Customer satisfaction on call

When it comes service, InterRisk always goes the extra mile – for instance, with their telephone service. Whether you’re an end-customer or broker, you’re always assured of speaking directly with a staff member whenever you call. In order to provide this service, intelligent call routing with the scope for expansion as the Wiesbaden team grows is essential. This wasn’t an option with their existing telecommunications solution. “Our previous telecommunications solution was quite dated and had reached its technical limits,” explains Ahmet Akduman, responsible for business organization in the IT/Business Organization department. “Plus, it wasn’t possible to expand the old system.” This was not at all in line with InterRisk’s standard of service and so the decision was made to revamp the telecommunications system from the ground up.

“It was the overall package that impressed us”

The time had come to invest in an entirely new telecommunications platform and an efficient customer interaction center. One that would provide a comprehensive call routing service tailor-made for InterRisk. Among the vendors that tendered for the project, IP Dynamics once again won the contract. “With IP Dynamics, it was the overall package that impressed us,” says Ahmet Akduman, commenting on the decision in favor of the Hamburg service provider. “From the project’s planning and technical implementation, through the transparency provided at all stages of the solution, to the workshops for employees – everything was just perfect with IP Dynamics.”

Tailor-made instead of one size fits all

With its unique routing and reporting requirements across all company levels, InterRisk was a special case for IP Dynamics. Every single person – from help desk staff to board members – is an agent and therefore part of the routing system. This is because the InterRisk service pledge commits to having well-versed employees – not answering machines – pick up all phone calls during office hours after no more than three rings. Key account manager Ralf Tautz and his team at IP Dynamics needed to take this unique feature into account while meeting the requirements to the letter. For this task, IP Dynamics recommended an Avaya PBX based on Avaya Communication Manager (ACM) to meet InterRisk’s needs. The old and operationally limited routing system was replaced with the intelligent Voxtron Communication Center whose call and contact functions identify which agents in the relevant department are available to accept calls and includes them in the routing. If, for example, there is a call for the applications department, the system checks which of the department’s agents is free or hasn’t taken a call for a while and puts it through. In this way, the new communications center ensures that there is always a staff member available to assist callers before they are transferred to an answering machine. Callers are completely unaware of all this. They just know that thanks to the new communications center, there is always someone available to speak to at InterRisk.

Ready for the future

The software not only fills InterRisk’s special routing requirements for incoming calls, but also offers a unified, central routing engine to receive and process communications sent to all corners of the company via a variety of other contact methods like email and fax. That means InterRisk is already well equipped with the technical infrastructure to expand its services in the future. “This preparation for the future was very important to us as it allows us to go the full distance in reaching our goal of personalized service for our clients and partners,” explains Ahmet Akduman.

A flexible and future-proof solution means a job well done

On the project’s completion, all of InterRisk’s original requirements had been met in the form of cutting-edge telecommunications infrastructure that responds flexibly to the company’s needs. In a nutshell: an investment in the future.
“We are completely satisfied with how IP Dynamics has delivered on the project. Because we were constantly kept in the loop about the project’s progress, we never doubted its success,” says Ahmet Akduman, summing up IP Dynamics partnership with InterRisk targeting “customer-focused telephony for the future.”