IP Dynamics and novomind conclude a far-reaching partnership

Ham­burg, May 10, 2019 – The highly spe­cialised IT ser­vice provider IP Dynam­ics and novo­m­ind, one of Europe’s tech­nol­ogy lead­ers in the field of com­merce and cus­tomer ser­vice, agreed on a long-​term part­ner­ship at the end of April. The two Hamburg-​based IT com­pa­nies not only want to inten­sify their active knowl­edge trans­fer, they also want to coop­er­ate prac­ti­cally in joint projects. In the area of Con­tact Cen­ter soft­ware, they will offer mod­ern Omnichan­nel solu­tions together in the future.

The first meet­ings with novo­m­ind already showed large matches,” says Chris­t­ian Stölken, Man­ag­ing Direc­tor of IP Dynam­ics. “In our joint Con­tact and Ser­vice Cen­ter busi­ness area, the coop­er­a­tion results in a per­fect syn­ergy effect.”
While novomind’s Omnichan­nel soft­ware solu­tion novo­m­ind iAGENT offers a pow­er­ful and flex­i­ble cen­tral com­mu­ni­ca­tions plat­form for all chan­nels, IP Dynam­ics brings a lot of expe­ri­ence and exper­tise, espe­cially in the voice sec­tor (includ­ing VoIP and PBX sys­tems). As part­ners, the two owner-​managed com­pa­nies cover all processes and chan­nels that are rel­e­vant for a mod­ern Con­tact Cen­ter. This enables them to pro­vide their cus­tomers both inno­v­a­tive and holis­tic solu­tions. “IP Dynam­ics’ exper­tise as a sys­tem inte­gra­tor fits per­fectly with our omnichan­nel soft­ware offer­ing for mod­ern cus­tomer ser­vice,” says Sylvia Feja, CMO Sales & Mar­ket­ing at novo­m­ind. “Together, we cover the entire cus­tomer jour­ney and can imple­ment it even faster and with more vari­ety.”

Since many com­pa­nies want to move their Con­tact Cen­ters into the cloud to reduce costs and sim­plify scal­a­bil­ity, novo­m­ind and IP Dynam­ics agreed on a joint strat­egy for the future. “We want to respond to chang­ing cus­tomer require­ments, keep devel­op­ing and pro­vide mod­ern IT solu­tions for the future,” explains Chris­t­ian Stölken. “The part­ner­ship with novo­m­ind means a big step for­ward for us.”