IP Dynamics attains platinum status by Avaya


IP Dynam­ics is an Avaya Plat­inum Part­ner thanks to its con­tin­ued rapid devel­op­ment and the increased turnover and exper­tise that has accom­pa­nied it.

Par­tic­i­pa­tion in the global Avay­a­Con­nect Part­ner Pro­gram not only con­tributes to effi­ciently build­ing long-​term client rela­tion­ships but also ensures that part­ners receive opti­mal sup­port from Avaya. Each Avaya­part­ner has the flex­i­bil­ity to decide how much time they invest in the Part­ner Pro­gram and which steps and/​or require­ments to imple­ment. By meet­ing all the require­ments and cri­te­ria, IP Dynam­ics has now become an AvayaPlat­inum Part­ner.