IP Dynamics is a Microsoft Gold Partner


IP Dynam­ics has recently been listed as a Microsoft Gold Part­ner, allow­ing us to set our­selves apart from the rest of the mar­ket as a Lync spe­cial­ist.

IPD was awarded gold sta­tus for “Com­mu­ni­ca­tions” by, among other things, suc­cess­fully com­plet­ing a vari­ety of train­ing courses and Lync ref­er­ence projects and by gar­ner­ing pos­i­tive cus­tomer feed­back.

The award for “Com­mu­ni­ca­tions” was con­ceived for part­ners who sell, deploy, sup­port, or want to develop Microsoft Lync solu­tions.
Cur­rently, there are approx­i­mately 650,000 Microsoft part­ners world­wide. Of these, only 30,000 are cer­ti­fied as sil­ver part­ners. The num­ber of gold part­ners is even lower: only 1% of Microsoft part­ners cur­rently claim gold com­pe­tency sta­tus.
This shows how much IP Dynam­ics sets itself apart within the mar­ket and from the crowded field of part­ners– it’s a clear reflec­tion of the company’s hard work.