“IPD is a company with distinct goals”


Geor­gios Kat­saros has now been with us at the Hanover office for a year. In this inter­view, he tells us every­thing he has expe­ri­enced so far and how he found his way to us.

What has your career been like so far?

In 2016, I com­pleted my train­ing in whole­sale and export with the option of a posi­tion after­wards. How­ever, as I pre­ferred to go to uni­ver­sity, I then aimed for my voca­tional bac­calau­re­ate. In the mean­time, I worked at Metro on Sat­ur­days while I was at school, plan­ning routes for deliv­er­ies and earn­ing some extra money that way. When I had my degree in my pocket, I went to the Uni­ver­sity of Applied Sci­ences in Hanover and started study­ing busi­ness admin­is­tra­tion. How­ever, it quickly became clear to me that the prac­ti­cal side of things was miss­ing too much, so I decided to dis­con­tinue my stud­ies and focus on a dif­fer­ent direc­tion. So I decided to start work­ing for a com­pany in the event indus­try. There I was the first point of con­tact for all con­trac­tual mat­ters and pre­sented and sold var­i­ous party con­cepts at clubs. Thanks to over­time reduc­tion and vaca­tion, I still had enough time to suc­cess­fully com­plete a full-​time busi­ness degree in 2020. But then Corona came along and the event indus­try plum­meted, so I had to reori­ent myself again.

How did you find your way to IP Dynam­ics?

Through a per­son­nel agency. I found the offer inter­est­ing and the inter­views went very well. Since I can gen­er­ally iden­tify more with “smaller” com­pa­nies, I then turned down an offer from Toy­ota and chose IPD.

What is your area of respon­si­bil­ity?

Basi­cally, I am the first point of con­tact in sales. I take care of our exist­ing cus­tomers, deal with indi­vid­ual ques­tions and requests, and make sure that every­one feels com­fort­able with us. Because in the best case sce­nario, I can then also extend or expand exist­ing con­tracts and deepen the coop­er­a­tion.

What has been your biggest chal­lenge so far at IPD and how did you over­come it?

Since I don’t come from the IT sec­tor, I only joined IPD with the sales com­po­nent – I still had to acquire the tech­ni­cal one. It was a chal­lenge for me to learn terms with which I had no pre­vi­ous con­tact. To get a bet­ter grasp of the sub­ject, I wrote down all the impor­tant infor­ma­tion and made myself a big cheat sheet, which I still look at today when I don’t know some­thing, and I have to say it works really well. So IP Dynam­ics is a good option even for peo­ple from out­side the indus­try who are ambi­tious.

How do you like the com­pany cul­ture?

I feel very com­fort­able here. You get a lot of sup­port from your col­leagues when you need help or don’t know some­thing. It’s also thanks to them that I found my way into the job so quickly.

What makes IP Dynam­ics unique as an employer for you?

I feel appre­ci­ated and the com­mu­ni­ca­tion among each other is very good. I also like the monthly meet­ings with all col­leagues, in which the lat­est devel­op­ments con­cern­ing the com­pany are com­mu­ni­cated trans­par­ently. This way, you always stay up to date and you also real­ize: IPD is a com­pany with dis­tinct goals. Last but not least, I also really appre­ci­ate the fact that inde­pen­dent action is encour­aged. On the one hand, this allows you to develop your­self and imple­ment your own ideas, but on the other hand it also shows the trust that is placed in you.

Thank you for the insights.