Skill-based routing

Auto­matic clas­si­fi­ca­tion

Skill-​based rout­ing dis­trib­utes cus­tomer requests to employ­ees based on cer­tain skills, e.g. product-​specific knowl­edge or lan­guage skills of the employ­ees.

Find­ing the suit­able con­tact per­son

Which skills should it be

Skill-​based rout­ing is the basic pre­req­ui­site for the sub­se­quent pri­or­i­ti­za­tion, since cer­tain prop­er­ties are assigned to each task type and thus serve as the basis for pri­or­i­ti­za­tion. The “skill-​based” prop­erty can be used for this pur­pose.

Skill-​based rout­ing enables deliv­ery to employ­ees or groups of employ­ees accord­ing to their skills, qual­i­fi­ca­tions and spe­cial­iza­tions. Skills are tech­ni­cal knowl­edge and other com­pe­ten­cies such as lan­guage skills, spe­cial­iza­tion in cer­tain top­ics or the level of edu­ca­tion and other qual­i­fi­ca­tions. In skill-​based rout­ing, skills (lan­guage, topic, con­tact type), skill lev­els (degree of spe­cial­iza­tion, e.g. 10 = spe­cial­ist or 1 = in train­ing) and skill groups (a group of employ­ees with the same qual­i­fi­ca­tion) are defined, among other things.

Cus­tomer inquiries, tasks and work pack­ages are always assigned to the most suit­able and avail­able employee in each case. This ensures, for exam­ple, that all calls, chats, e-​mails, etc. are han­dled com­pe­tently and promptly


What is the use

  • Opti­miza­tion of task pro­cess­ing through skill-​based allo­ca­tion as a basis for pri­or­i­ti­za­tion and repri­or­i­ti­za­tion
  • Equi­table dis­tri­b­u­tion of work­load thanks to con­sid­er­a­tion of all employ­ees
  • Pos­si­bil­ity of tar­geted inter­ven­tion by autho­rized super­vi­sor
  • Mul­ti­chan­nel on the go thanks to seam­less inte­gra­tion of all syn­chro­nous (e.g. phone and chat) and asyn­chro­nous media chan­nels (e.g. let­ters, mails and doc­u­ments) in one rout­ing instance
  • Increased cus­tomer sat­is­fac­tion by assign­ing cus­tomer inquiries to the expert con­tact per­son

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