Osiandersche Buchhandlung (book store)


Richard-Hans Riethmüller, IT and Project Manager, describes the approach taken by his company when the service contracts for its existing telecoms system expired and action urgently had to be taken at the beginning of the year: „With the help of an external consultant who is familiar with both our business and the telephone market, we drew up a list of specifications which formed the basis for an invitation to tender for OSIANDER‘s new telecoms infrastructure.“

The bookshop chain‘s interlinked telecoms network consists of approximately 300 extensions at 26 sites. OSIANDER also operates its own call centre with 25 agents at its service centre in Tübingen. Founded in 1596, the long-established firm employs 350 people in 18 southern German towns and cities. There is no doubt that it has set itself high standards. No call may be lost . Every call made to a store must be answered within a certain length of time, otherwise it is redirected to the call centre. The call centre is staffed solely by the company‘s own fully trained employees, who are all qualified booksellers. It also acts as an ordering hotline for the bookstore‘s e-shop.

The technology behind the new contact centre solution from Voxtron lives up to the client‘s quality standards. Riethmüller sums up the Voxtron Communication Center solution - which runs on a virtualised server - pithily as: „A powerful and versatile tool“. Twinned with hardware and services from Avaya, such as the Avaya Aura Communication Manager, Avaya IP DECT System and the Application Enablement Service (AES) Server, Osiandersche Buchhandlung has opted for telecoms technology which will support the business as it expands.

The technology ultimately chosen was part of a live presentation at a reference client‘s premises to which IP Dynamics invited OSIANDER during the tendering phase. Both the presentation and the expertise of all the IP Dynamics employees involved in the project impressed the bookseller. OSIANDER was also very taken with the entrepreneurial ethos of IP Dynamics. Summing up the company‘s plus points, the IT Manager says: „They have direct procedures if something goes wrong and they keep their word - plus they‘re fast and flexible“. When it came to choosing a telecoms service provider, one of the main criteria was a pledge to smoothly migrate the old telecoms system into the new Avaya system. The old system, whose functions were integrated into the new system infull, ran alongside the new one until the switchover date. In this way, IP Dynamics delivered exactly what it had promised its client. From OSIANDER‘s perspective, expert advice, flexibility and smooth project handling were the three abiding arguments in favour of IP Dynamics. These attributes continue to define the collaboration between the two.

Products/solutions used at OSIANDER:

    • Avaya Communication Manager (platform)
    • Avaya S8500 Media Server with G450 Media Gateways
    • Central control system for approx. 300 extensions distributed at 26 sites
    • Voxtron Communication Center
    • Ek Soft DailIT (office CTI)
    • Multi-site DECT system