Auto­mated Cus­tomer Dia­logue


Dig­i­tal­iza­tion has made arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence (AI) a key fac­tor in modern-​day com­mu­ni­ca­tions. Indeed, voice-​activated dig­i­tal assis­tants have insin­u­ated them­selves into every aspect of our lives. Text-​to-​speech or speech-​to-​text func­tions help us write text mes­sages, emails or even rel­a­tively long texts. In fact, AI is now so sophis­ti­cated that dig­i­tal assis­tants learn about us over time and con­stantly improve them­selves.

The ben­e­fits of automa­tion aren’t lim­ited to our per­sonal lives, though. Com­pa­nies also have a lot to gain from automat­ing cer­tain repet­i­tive processes. Chat­bots and voice­bots, when deployed in appli­ca­tions such as cus­tomer dia­logue, can unlock huge sav­ings in two pre­cious resources: time and money. Effec­tively inte­grat­ing par­tially or fully auto­mated bots improves cus­tomer ser­vice avail­abil­ity while reduc­ing employee work­loads and free­ing up staff capac­ity. Not to men­tion the improve­ments in cus­tomer sat­is­fac­tion – they’re inevitable, given the shorter wait­ing times and cheer­ful, knowl­edge­able sup­port pro­vided by the bot.

Bots com­mu­ni­cate across all chan­nels – phone, email or chat, for exam­ple. What­ever chan­nel you want to auto­mate your cus­tomer dia­logue on, we can help! You decide what you want the bot to do and how much you want it to help its human co-​workers. With our exper­tise and pow­er­ful tech­nol­ogy part­ners, we’ll deliver a solu­tion made just for you, on-​premises or in the cloud.

This is why you should sup­port your team with a bot


Using bots reduces aver­age call times for your ser­vice cen­ter agents. It slashes trans­fer rates, too. Bots han­dle the tedious, repet­i­tive work so your staff can focus on what adds gen­uine value for you and your cus­tomers.


Chat­bots and voice­bots han­dle por­tions of the cus­tomer com­mu­ni­ca­tion flow. They’re highly effi­cient, store all the impor­tant facts, con­nect cus­tomers to the right employ­ees and man­age the high­est work­loads with ease.


Chat­bots and voice­bots pro­vide low-​cost 24/​7 ser­vice. They com­mu­ni­cate on every chan­nel and are avail­able at any time of the day or night. If you want, they can even proac­tively reach out to your cus­tomers.


Cus­tomers are warmly wel­comed by bots, get helped quickly and don’t have to re-​explain why they’re call­ing time and again. Short waits and direct access to stan­dard­ised infor­ma­tion keep cus­tomer sat­is­fac­tion lev­els sky-​high.

Our AI solu­tions for cus­tomer dia­logue



From cus­tomer to fan

Want auto­mated cus­tomer dia­logue based on nat­ural lan­guage pro­cess­ing in a fast, cus­tomized solu­tion? With LENA, a chat­bot devel­oped by cus­tomer ser­vice expert PIDAS, you can auto­mate processes where it will add value for your com­pany. For exam­ple: auto­mat­i­cally triag­ing cus­tomer emails or uti­liz­ing the chat­bot engine.


Shap­ing cus­tomer dia­logues

aiai­bot pro­vides a cloud-​based, easy-​to-​integrate chat­bot. The plat­form fea­tures an intu­itive story builder that allows guided dialogs as well as open-​ended ques­tions. The story builder also enables inte­gra­tion of images, GIFs, videos, file uploads and polls. This way, the intu­itively admin­is­tra­ble chat­bot can be cus­tomized accord­ing to your require­ments.


Lead­ing with intel­li­gent dia­logue

Sympalog’s SymDialog5 can con­trol dif­fer­ent dia­logue types: as an IVR appli­ca­tion, as a chat­bot or as a dialogue-​driven back­end mod­ule for con­trol­ling appli­ca­tions. The mod­ule com­bines intel­li­gent, user-​friendly dia­logue man­age­ment with the knowl­edge from your back­end sys­tems.

Microsoft Speech Recog­ni­tion

Voice con­trol – sim­ple and direct

Microsoft Speech Recog­ni­tion lets your cus­tomers inter­act with your appli­ca­tions using noth­ing but their voices. This Microsoft solu­tion rec­og­nizes spo­ken words and gen­er­ates arti­fi­cial speech (text-​to-​speech). Microsoft Speech Recog­ni­tion can even help you pro­vide a barrier-​free dig­i­tal expe­ri­ence.


Har­ness­ing the full power of lan­guage

Nuance Rec­og­nizer deliv­ers seam­less self-​service and an enhanced cus­tomer expe­ri­ence. The inte­grated engine under­stands and processes nat­ural dia­logue speech. Rec­og­nizer learns from mis­takes and makes auto­matic adjust­ments to improve accu­racy over time.

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