Good advice starts with lis­ten­ing care­fully. At least that is what we under­stand by mod­ern IT con­sult­ing. Because only then we rec­og­nize what you and your com­pany need – and only then you get to know why IP Dynam­ics means IP Dynam­ics: Highly inno­v­a­tive and with full com­mit­ment, we always strive for the ideal solu­tion. And in the end, you will receive from us exactly the tailor-​made solu­tion that fits your com­pany.

Suc­cess Sto­ries

Unique cus­tomer solu­tions
Signal Iduna

Voice­bot serves 5,000 calls daily

The new voice­bot is intended to reduce the work­load of employ­ees, lower inter­nal call for­ward­ing quo­tas and shorten wait­ing times for callers.

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Vinzenz von Paul Hospital

Always avail­able — even in an emer­gency

Thanks to a mod­ern com­mu­ni­ca­tion solu­tion from inno­va­phone with an inte­grated alarm sys­tem, the employ­ees of the Vinzenz von Paul Hos­pi­tal can always be reached wher­ever they are on the hos­pi­tal grounds.

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