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  • Ser­vice indus­try


  • Inno­va­phone
  • Vox­tron


  • Smooth migra­tion of the infra­struc­ture

The ini­tial sit­u­a­tion

As a full-​service provider, KALORIMETA GmbH offers the real estate and hous­ing sec­tor a net­worked infra­struc­ture for meter­ing ser­vices. The medium-​sized busi­ness main­tains ten mil­lion of its own meter­ing devices and smoke detec­tors, and bills more than 1.6 mil­lion dwellings a year.

In line with the company’s own maxim “sim­ply more per­sonal”, KALO has cho­sen not to oper­ate a tra­di­tional call cen­ter and instead pro­vide its cus­tomers with per­sonal con­tacts for all mat­ters relat­ing to the company‘s ser­vices. To ensure its billing experts and cus­tomer ser­vice team are always avail­able, KALO requires a reli­able, mul­ti­func­tional telecom­mu­ni­ca­tions infra­struc­ture. With the help of IP Dynam­ics, the ser­vice provider has now switched to a mod­ern Inno­va­phone sys­tem with Vox­tron con­nec­tion.

Calls per year

The chal­lenge

  • Before the changeover, KALO used a Unify HiPath 4000 PBX linked to a Vox­tron Com­mu­ni­ca­tion Cen­ter (VCC). Since the begin­ning of 2014, IP Dynam­ics pro­vided ser­vice for this sys­tem. In spring 2017, KALO decided to mod­ern­ize the telecom­mu­ni­ca­tions infra­struc­ture with a sys­tem change.
  • Like the old sys­tem, the new one was also to be linked to the Vox­tron Com­mu­ni­ca­tion Cen­ter. It also had to enable the inte­gra­tion of ana­log devices (fax and con­fer­ence tele­phones) and offer spe­cific call func­tions (includ­ing con­fer­ence switch­ing, call diver­sion and call pick-​up).
  • At KALO’s request, the sys­tem change should be car­ried out as a smooth migra­tion in order not to inter­fere with ongo­ing busi­ness oper­a­tions. Nei­ther cus­tomers nor col­leagues should notice the sys­tem switch.

The solu­tion

  • The changeover was real­ized in close coop­er­a­tion with IP Dynam­ics. The pow­er­ful Inno­va­phone VoIP gate­way IP6010 should serve as the plat­form for the new com­mu­ni­ca­tion solu­tion. The roll­out began in June 2017. In order to ensure a smooth migra­tion, the changeover was car­ried out in sev­eral steps.
  • The Inno­va­phone sys­tem is con­nected to the cus­tomized VCC via a tailor-​made V:Server from IP Dynam­ics. Future growth is taken care of, as up to 30,000 par­tic­i­pants can be con­nected to the VCC.
  • Innovaphone’s myPBX serves as Uni­fied Com­mu­ni­ca­tions client for man­ag­ing var­i­ous tele­phone devices. Tra­di­tional desk tele­phones as well as mobile phones and soft­phones can be eas­ily inte­grated.
  • IP Dynam­ics has also installed a reverse proxy, per­mit­ting seam­less inte­gra­tion of mobile devices and par­tic­i­pants work­ing from home.

The result

  • About a year later, the project was suc­cess­fully com­pleted. Today, over 500 par­tic­i­pants are con­nected to the new sys­tem at var­i­ous com­pany loca­tions , with many also linked to the Vox­tron Com­mu­ni­ca­tion Cen­ter.
  • Espe­cially the UC client myPBX was accepted well at KALO. Along with tra­di­tional IP tele­phony, it also offers a range of other func­tions such as video tele­phony, audio or video con­fer­ences, instant mes­sag­ing, col­lab­o­ra­tion ses­sions, con­nec­tion logs or pres­ence sta­tus.
  • While the col­leagues at KALO are very happy with the new tech­nol­ogy and the far more flex­i­ble way of orga­niz­ing their day-​to-​day work, the respon­si­ble IT Project Man­ager, Artur Grandt, con­cludes: “IP Dynam­ics con­vinced us with its high flex­i­bil­ity and absolute com­pe­tence. Our wishes were taken seri­ously and never dis­missed. The cus­tomer is king at IP Dynam­ics.”

If you are also inter­ested in mod­ern­iz­ing your tele­phone sys­tem, please do not hes­i­tate to con­tact us.

„Our wishes were taken seri­ously and never rejected. At IP Dynam­ics the cus­tomer is still king”
Artur Grandt, IT project man­ager, KALO

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