Alterations, relocation, expansion

These are often the triggers to adapt IT and telephony infrastructure to the market conditions. And it was no different for Rossmann in Burgwedel, Lower Saxony.

The new 10,000m² Rossmann office building needed to accommodate 600 employees as well as IP technology. This meant the preparation and development of a strategic migration process from the „old“ (digital) world to „new“ IP world. IP Dynamics were chosen for the job by the project managers Karsten Hanneke and Daniel Luttermann thanks to their expertise in this field. „Here, we were dealing with a team that understood our concerns and was able to put themselves in our shoes,“ says technical project manager Luttermann. Rossmanns IT specialists and IP Dynamics carried out the configuration process together and organized training and handouts with the goal of the Rossmann staff being able to handle 100% of the daily operations.

The move took place over two weekends and in two phases. A total of 700 people were moved - 600 into the new building, and the remainder, of course, staying in the old building. Hanneke describes the carefully planned move as „nearly perfect“ and was pleasantly surprised that the project was progressing well ahead of schedule.

The Burgwedel residents unanimously agreed that their expectations were met. So it is hardly surprising that the storage facilities in Bergkirchen and Cologne will now be equipped with IP solutions as a follow-on project.

Products / solutions that were implemented at Rossmann:

  • Avaya Aura® Communication Manager - central system approximately 1,000 users, MBT with a redundant system in Großburgwedel , LSPs in the locations Bergkirchen near Munich and Cologne
  • Avaya Aura® Call Center Elite with about 30 agents
  • DialIT CTI - Avaya one-X® Attendant operator console with 3 operator positions in Großburgwedel
  • Avaya IP DECT system for warehouses in Bergkirchen and Cologne
  • Avaya Integral 55 as a DECT system for Großburgwedel , around 400 DECT users connected via QSIG with the ACM
  • Avaya Integral in Landsberg and Kiel
  • Avaya Business Call Center with about 40 agents in Großburgwedel