R+V Versicherungen

R+V Service Center: everything under control

After a whole weekend of thunderstorm and torrential rain, it was extremely busy at the R+V service center on Monday, the 19th of September. Coincidentally the first day after the new contact center platform went live! The Voxtron Communication Center however dealt smoothly with the rush.

This day marked the conclusion and the successful crucial test of a project that had been completed in only eight months time: the implementation of a new company wide contact center platform based on the Voxtron Communication Center. R+V general project leader Ingo Müller and his team of system specialists and project managers were able to keep up with all project milestones from the kick-off workshop to going live.
„I clearly remember the planning and implementation of the previous infrastructure. It lasted two years”, says Ingo Müller. „The fact that the manufacturer did not deliver support after five operational years put us under enormous pressure to act”. Because of previous experiences our eye fell on a competent system integrator. Through their high know-how, enagement and their intense co-operation with the software development company Voxtron, we were convinced of IP Dynamics and their proof of concept. The experienced system integrator company carried out stress tests that strengthened our confidence in a reliable project realization. Through these stress tests IP Dynamics tests contact center platforms and all involved IT infrastructure and integration interfaces in order to guarantee that going live runs smoothly.

Every day, R+V Versicherung deals with 30000 to 35000 calls in their companies in Wiesbaden, Karlsruhe, Münster and Hamburg, distributed over about 800 service center agents. The highly available Voxtron Communication Center is centrally located at the Wiesbaden computer center of the insurance company. It takes care of cross-location call distribution for the different internal customers with their more than 150 service numbers.

To do this, it controls the redundant Voxtron Media Gateways that are connected per IP to the local PBXs.
The technical system monitoring of this complex IT- and PBXinfrastucture happens locally but also at a distance over an extensive system with alarms, warnings and status notifications by means of Nagios-software.

Next to call routing, the service center of Condor Lebensversicherung AG, which is a company of the R+V Gruppe, also uses the Voxtron Coummunication Center to distribute emails and faxes among their employees. From 2012 onwards, the central R+V service center will also use the multi channel features of the Voxtron Communication Center to distribute emails, faxes and printed mail. In the future, it is planned to use this technique for further strategic functions. The Voxtron Communication Center can be used highly available allowing the use of modern standard technologies. Together with IP Dynamics, R+V have decided to set up the central hardware platform with IBM Blade Center technology and NetApp MetroCluster. On top of this, there will be a virtualized ESX- server in combination with the Microsoft-64-Bit-Operating System (Windows 2008 Server) and databases (SQLServer 2008).

This soft- and hardware combination guarantees the highest availability and reliability. In the short project time, the central contact- and telephony-application of the R+V service centers, the on Lotus Notes based CRM-application of the Condor service centers and the HSPC/IPC-application of the central customer service of the insurance company have all been integrated in the Voxtron Communication Center. On top of this, IP Dynamics enabled the R+V employees to work without a telephony client. They can handle their call center activities also with the available system telephone.

Team leaders and administrators run the complete Contact center system by themselves, from creating and managing users, configuring opening hours and announcements to database queries in the integrated speech portal. Live operation with all involved information plays a key role at R+V. With this in mind, the system integrator set up web-based real-time monitoring that fulfills the numerous wishes of the diverse user categories. Realtime monitoring for Voxtron means data is updated/refreshed within the second. Through historical reporting the wishes of the individual internal customers are realized. Next to Crystal reports and reports via Microsft-SQL-Server, also the available reporting through MicrosoftOffice interfaces can be seemlessly reused.