Stadt Heilbronn

The city of Heilbronn entrusts IP Dynamics with the maintenance of municipal telecommunication

Mr. Sommer, head of the electrical engineering department with the city of Heilbronn, describes the beginnings of the collaboration with IP Dynamics in pragmatic terms: “When the maintenance contract for our telephone system (Integral 55) was coming to an end, we were on the lookout for a small to medium-sized, flexible and ‘lean’ service provider“.

Several vendors participated in bidding, as is customary with public contracting entities. IP Dynamics won out in the end and was awarded the contract for the complex maintenance a 3000-port system with 12 sub-systems. In the opinion of the department chief, the decisive factor was the high degree of skill and know-how on the part of its TC partner - which relieved his team of the responsibility for especially complex tasks, like system upgrades or hardware replacement.
IP Dynamics directly supported the development of a fix for a 3rd Party DECT solution to an existing AVAYA I55 system, which could not have been accomplished with the manufacturer alone.
Sommer was altogether satisfied with the result: “Our counterparts at IPD were not only pleasant to work with; they were absolutely capable and technically adept. What’s more, IP Dynamics also set itself apart pricewise from its predecessor“.