Statement on the current threat caused by coronavirus


What if the worst hap­pens? Regard­ing the cur­rent spread of coro­n­avirus, this ques­tion is of urgent rel­e­vance for many com­pa­nies. Despite of the cur­rent sit­u­a­tion, IP Dynam­ics has pre­pared for pos­si­ble emer­gen­cies or dis­as­ter sce­nar­ios within the scope of a detailed risk analy­sis. The fol­low­ing points were eval­u­ated in par­tic­u­lar:

  • Impact on the avail­abil­ity of resources
  • Effi­ciency of oper­a­tional processes
  • Nec­es­sary def­i­n­i­tions of min­i­mum oper­a­tion
  • Required tech­ni­cal and orga­ni­za­tional effects

This leads to con­clu­sions regard­ing the con­crete threat sit­u­a­tion by coro­n­avirus. IP Dynam­ics GmbH has eight loca­tions through­out Ger­many. Based on these loca­tions, all areas nec­es­sary for the oper­a­tion of IP Dynam­ics are decen­tral­ized. By oper­a­tion, the com­pany under­stands in par­tic­u­lar the con­trac­tual oblig­a­tions to its cus­tomers. In addi­tion, the archi­tec­ture of the tech­ni­cal infra­struc­ture allows the com­pany to switch to location-​independent oper­a­tion at any time. In order to min­i­mize risks in the cur­rent sit­u­a­tion, work places have already been relo­cated. These mea­sures ensure the oper­a­tion of IP Dynam­ics even in case of a shut-​down of loca­tions.

In addi­tion, IP Dynam­ics has taken the fol­low­ing mea­sures:

  • All col­leagues are well aware of this issue and are encour­aged to fol­low the pre­ven­tive mea­sures of the cus­tomers they are in con­tact with
  • Busi­ness trips, meet­ings and the host­ing of guests have been reduced to a nec­es­sary min­i­mum
  • All col­leagues who show symp­toms of ill­ness are requested to go home imme­di­ately
  • All col­leagues who have vis­ited a high-​risk area or have been in con­tact with a (sus­pected) infected per­son are requested to stay at home for at least 14 days

Since both tech­ni­cal and per­son­nel avail­abil­ity was con­sid­ered, IP Dynam­ics is avail­able to its cus­tomers as usual even in a cri­sis sit­u­a­tion. Infor­ma­tion about pos­si­ble restric­tions that are beyond the company’s con­trol is pro­vided imme­di­ately.