Sysmex positions IP Dynamics across national borders

The impetus for the project „Telecommunications Facilities Change“ was given by Sysmex Europe GmbH, to which several national offices belong on an organizational level as it is the EMEA headquarters.

The aim of the project was to convert to a modern, Voice over Internet Protocol-enabled (VoIP) telephone system. In addition to the German branch (Norderstedt), this project also includes the affiliate businesses in the Netherlands (Etten-Leur) and in Belgium (Hoeilaart). Two further headquarters in Germany are included in addition to the two regional sites specified - the location of the European headquarters (also Norderstedt) and the reagent manufacturing operation for the EMEA region with headquarters in Neumünster. All in all, the project comprises approximately 400 subsidiaries.
Thus, the project is outlined geographically; as regards the substance, it was extensively comparable. The specification for the exchange of the Siemens telecommunications facility demanded the complete replacement of the existing data switches in Norderstedt, Neumünster and the Netherlands, which could be realized using AVAYA solutions. Similarly, the desired step towards internet protocol (IP) telephony: here the AVAYA Aura Communication Manager 6 was used with high availability, redundant server systems, one in Norderstedt and another in an outsourced data centre. The traditional telephony interfaces (analogue, ISDN) were connected via distributed media gateways in Norderstedt, Neumünster, Belgium and the Netherlands.
Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) telephony via the AVAYA Aura Session Manager and the mobile use of telephony functions via their Softphone solution are further project details that comply with the desire for new technology. This requirement was applied in the implementation of the Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and call centre functions processing, which with intelligent software and hardware solutions could be implemented by Voxtron.

According to the IT support manager at Sysmex, Frank Klemme, the project and the collaboration with IP Dynamics went very well. Particularly noteworthy, according to Klemme, was that „you had at any time a contact person from the service provider.“ He continues: „IP Dynamics is a reliable partner that’s just right for us!“