The Stars of tomorrow


Most mem­bers of the youth teams of the Hamburg-​based Foot­ball Club Der­sim­spor e.V. have a migrant back­ground. The roots of the young play­ers reach to Polen, Roma­nia, Bul­garia, Ser­bia, Croa­tia, Tunisia, Morocco, Togo, Nige­ria, Ghana and many other coun­tries of the world. This is not sur­pris­ing, con­sid­er­ing that the club’s youth work focuses pri­mar­ily on young peo­ple from the so-​called Phoenix dis­trict, a cul­tur­ally mixed neigh­bor­hood in the Har­burg area.

Many of the low-​income fam­i­lies liv­ing here lack the money to pro­vide their chil­dren with equip­ment or to sup­port them on their trips abroad. More than half of the par­ents can­not even pay the monthly mem­ber­ship fee of ten euros from their own funds. This is where the Ham­burger Sportju­gend jumps into the breach with its “Kids in the Club” cam­paign. In addi­tion, the club is also depen­dent on dona­tions in order to main­tain its good youth work. There is no other way to finance jer­seys, foot­ball boots, com­pen­sa­tions for the coaches and other things.

IP Dynam­ics is proud spon­sor of the youth teams of the Der­sim­spor e.V. and sup­ports the youth work of this club. For the young peo­ple from the Phoenix dis­trict, the sports activ­i­ties that are made pos­si­ble by this are very impor­tant. The Der­sim­spor stars of tomor­row get to know real team spirit and are given the oppor­tu­nity to com­pete in sports.