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Communicating across all channels

The feeling that the world is turning faster and faster has probably much to do with the way we communicate with each other today. Be it personally or for work, the number of channels available to us to use as the need arises is growing constantly. In the business world, unified communications is no longer something we can dismiss. The combination of videotelephony, VoIP, Instant Messaging and Mail is almost too good to be true: thanks to real time communication mit current presence information, colleagues can save lots of time as they find the quickest route to each other irrespective of their location. This greatly enhances teamwork, not least where teams are geographically split – and remote querying of mails by voice further accelerates internal processes, as colleagues can react flexibly even when they are on the move. By networking and exchanging information in the shortest time possible, efficiency is improved and business processes are speeded up. Or put another way: whoever best exploits opportunities such as real time communication will find themselves with a clear competitive advantage.

The benefits of unified communications

  • More flexibility

    Need to transfer from Instant Messaging to a phone call? No problem. Looking to invite more guests to a web conference ... and quickly? Child’s play. Want to be reachable across all devices with a single number? Done! Just three examples from many, which illustrate how flexible work will be in the future, and how Microsoft and other unified communications will help bring it about.

  • Enhanced productivity due to real time communication

    It is the multiplicity of logical functions which ultimately brings about step changes in productivity. The presence status, for example, through which colleagues can always find the quickest route to one another irrespective of location. Or remote querying of mails by voice, which allows people to react more flexibly when on the move.

  • Reduced costs

    Each video conference doesn’t just save on endless travel and conference bills, it also improves our environmental record. If that wasn‘t enough, it also brings down administration and operating costs thanks to a consistent communication environment.

  • Lean processes

    Why not just approve and share that presentation, instead of always having to send it off with a courier? Or why not allow your workforce to work productively at any time by giving them unrestricted mobile access to the company network?  

Our UC products

Connected to success


innovaphone - real time communication

The complete communication solution

Various unified communications modules make the innovaphonePBX VoIP phone system a complete yet lean communication solution. At its heart is the Webclient myPBX with its easily navigable surface: classic IP telephony, telephone conferencing, business directories, call logs, presence information, Instant Messaging, collaboration sessions, desktop video-telephony and video-conferencing – everything is possible, whether from home, the office or on the move. Even faxes can be sent via the PC or Mailclient without the need for additional software. And mobile phones can of course be incorporated seamlessly into the VoIP phone system.

Skype for Business

Skype for Business by Microsoft - Unified Communications

With lots of smart add-ons

As a Microsoft unified communications product, Skype for Business integrates perfectly into Office 365 : you can see immediately if your contact is reachable and you control your status yourself. You can start a meeting in Word or PowerPoint and show everyone what you are working on at that moment. You can plan appointments in Outlook and incorporate the chat record. All in conjunction with state-of-the-art VoIP telephony, protected by high-performance encryption. In addition, at IP Dynamics we are constantly developing new add-ons, which enhance real time communication even more. Examples include the engaged tone for second calls, administering those deputizing for others, and even the pick-up bar, whereby calls can be easily transferred and toggled and conferences introduced.

In a nutshell – Skype explained in under two minutes.

Our references

Here are just some of our success stories

UC Testimonial: InterRisk


The insurer wanted to take no chances when it tasked unified communications provider IP Dynamics with renovating its telecommunications infrastructure. The principal objective: to improve telephone accessibility by intelligent call forwarding, thereby raising customer satisfaction.

UC testimonial: Optima


Packing machine manufacturer Optima in Schwäbisch Hall in Germany employs over 2,000 staff in a dozen countries. As a unified communications provider, IP Dynamics ensures that these employees work as efficiently as possible with one another and communicate with each other consistently across all channels.

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