For the planet

With our holistic sustainability concept, we assume responsibility and make our corporate activities as environmentally friendly as possible — by increasing the efficiency of all resources, reducing emissions, saving energy, water and other fuels, and optimising transport processes.

Our challenge

In order to be able to reduce CO2 emissions, we first analysed how many emissions we consume in which areas of the company.

Optimized data centers

Thanks to our tech-savvy colleagues, we were able to reduce the power consumption of our data centers by 22%. This corresponds to the typical consumption of three single-family homes, each with three people.


Our vehicle fleet was converted to e-cars and made available to employees as company cars and for business trips.

Eco-friendly business trips

Rail is our first choice for business trips within the DACH region. In an emergency, the e-car can also be used. Flights are taboo for us!

Sustainable employee benefits

With the public transport subsidy and cheap bike leasing, we offer our colleagues several options to get from A to B in an environmentally friendly and inexpensive way.

Green giveaways

Giveaways are often produced cheaply and without regard for the environment. In addition, they usually end up in the trash a short time later. That is why we rely on sustainable value-added goodies that are produced in an ecologically friendly way and offer long-term benefits.

Virtual Christmas greetings

We stopped giving traditional Christmas cards and material gifts to our customers and partners some time ago. Instead, we send digital Christmas greetings via email and donate to charitable and sustainable projects.

Investing in a green future

Every year, we donate to various non-profit organizations and environmental associations. In December 2022, we chose PRIMA KLIMA, among others. The association reforests forests and thus makes an effective contribution to climate protection. In addition to environmental added value, social aspects also play a role. The projects, particularly in the south of the world, provide secure income by commissioning forest management and are the basis for local cooperation.

Protecting animal species and habitats

We support the Serengeti Park Foundation in Hodenhagen with a donation. The Serengeti Park Foundation aims to initiate and promote both regional and international conservation projects. Among other things, it is committed to protecting nature and species, promoting sustainable use of nature and maintaining biodiversity. With this donation, we support the project”Hunters of the Night“, which is committed to protecting native bat species.