Fully Digitized Consulting

Consult your customers online from start to finish. By digitizing your consulting process, you simplify and accelerate your individual business cases!

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Holistic online consulting
Individual business cases
Case-closing consultation from A-Z
Seamless transition between telephony, chat and video consultation

Here's how it works:

Simple notification via chat function

Customer Karla reports a claim to her insurance company using the chat function.

Seamless transition from live chat to video consultation

Broker Markus decides that the case can best be handled via video consultation. Karla and Markus then seamlessly switch to the video consultation.

Shared view of customer information

Markus shares all relevant data with Karla in compliance with the GDPR. They fill out the claim form together.

Subscription of additional services

At Karla's request, Markus adds the additional service "fully comprehensive cover" to her existing contract at the click of a mouse button.

Case-closing processing

Karla digitally signs the claim report and the new contract and Markus successfully closes the case.

Karla has successfully submitted her claim and is well insured for the future!

Markus was able to close the case quickly and at the same time sell an additional service!

Dynamic Stage optimizes your consulting processes

Customize business cases individually

Whether reporting a claim, concluding a contract or changing customer data – you can use the video consulting platform to customize your business case individually.

Increase process efficiency by 20%

Easily process claims, change customer data and conclude contracts together with your customers, including digital signatures, and increase efficiency by up to 20 percent.

All relevant customer information at a glance

All information relevant to the process is clearly available to you in the meeting.

100% secure and confidential

The video consulting platform offers a secure framework thanks to the automated provision of data. Unauthorized disclosure of confidential information is therefore impossible.

Dynamic Stage optimizes the customer experience

Easy customer access

Via a provided link, your customers can join the meeting using any web browser and device.

Seamless customer experience

To ensure that your customers immediately have a familiar feeling, you can design your user interface individually and adapt it to your CI standard.

Digital consulting from A to Z

All requests are simply processed and completed digitally. This gives your customers an excellent service experience and saves a huge amount of time.

Interfaces for 3rd party and CRM applications

Reduce your open windows. By connecting your company systems, you remain in one interface and thus enable more efficient and structured work.

Seamless communication with Microsoft Teams

Optimize collaboration - by connecting Microsoft Teams, users can easily participate in meetings via Dynamic Stage.

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