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AI in customer service

With our voice and chatbots, you can automate your customer service, significantly reduce the workload on your team and always offer your customers a reliable point of contact.

Up to
90 %
First Contact Resolution
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ROI in the first year
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more performance
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Optimized Brand Experience

By automating your customer service, you are available to your customers at all times! The resulting customer satisfaction has a positive effect on your brand and ensures a high level of appreciation in the long term.

For telephony and chat
120 languages and dialects
24/7 availability
Automatic processing of requests

A bot handles standard requests with automatic recognition and intelligent identification processes that assign and process requests immediately.

State-of-the-art voice signals

Innovative technologies bring texts to life naturally through text-to-speech. Create building blocks for your customer journey and personalize customer service with unique voice recordings.

Precise speech recognition and interpretation

The language bot combines the recognition of 120 languages and dialects with the interpretation skills of a human being. This leaves no wish unfulfilled for your customers.

Modular dialog design

With the dialog editor, you can create individual customer journeys for telephony and chat in just a few clicks. The corresponding modules can be integrated for all types of requests.

No more queues thanks to virtual waiting

Save your customers hours of waiting on the phone until the next employee is available. With virtual waiting, you can simply call your customers back at the right time and increase customer satisfaction!

Focus on value-adding tasks

Take the pressure off your employees with automated customer service and increase motivation within the company.

With the help of artificial intelligence, a significant part of Signal IDuna's customer dialog was automated.

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