Winter adventures in the Allgäu

Snow-covered landscape with fir trees

It was time to climb Mittagsberg with snowshoes and ski poles at the first IPD event this year.

This year, there are once again some exciting IPD events for colleagues. It started at the end of February with an expedition to Immenstadt in breathtakingly beautiful Allgäu. 15 colleagues from the various locations came together there to enjoy the snow-covered mountains on a snowshoe hike.

Equipped with snowshoes, ski poles and enough warm clothing, the participants trudged through fresh snow up to 20 cm high. The destination of the hike was the 1,451 meter high Mittagsberg. On the way there, colleagues were treated to an impressive view of snow-capped peaks and picturesque valleys.

Once at the summit, colleagues were rewarded with bright blue skies and views of large parts of the Allgäu region. In the alpine hut on the mountain, the participants were then able to relax and gain new strength for the descent.

Back in Immenstadt, colleagues made themselves comfortable in the tranquil Immenstadt Castle. At dinner together, colleagues were finally able to review the eventful day.

Foto von Dr. Moritz Liebeknecht.  Lächelt in die Kamera.
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