Signal Iduna

The New Colleague in Customer Service

With the help of artificial intelligence, a significant part of Signal IDuna's customer dialog was automated.


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Thanks to the smooth cooperation with IP Dynamics, we were able to overcome all challenges and complete the project within the scheduled time.

Andrea Schmidt, Project Manager at SIGNAL IDUNA


Die Aufgabe

Eine Frage des Routings

Signal Iduna treats its customers as equals and attaches particular importance to the excellent quality of its customer dialogue. The telephone service is an important, direct point of contact between the insurance company and its customers. Signal Iduna works with an intermediate routing instance to connect every caller to the right contact person. In

2016, IP Dynamics set up a Voxtron Communication Center (VCC) on an existing Skype for Business Infrastructure at Signal Iduna. At the end of 2017, the insurer then commissioned IP Dynamics to integrate a modern voice portal into the system. The New Voice Portal was intended to support employees in the service center, reduce the internal transfer rate and shorten waiting times for callers.

In der Konzeptionsphase hat sich der große Erfahrungsschatz von IP Dynamics aus vergleichbaren Projekten bezahlt gemacht. In Sachen Spracherkennung und Dialogführung hat IP Dynamics wertvolle Hinweise für die Feinjustierung geliefert. Auch zu Dingen, die wir vorher nicht wirklich auf dem Schirm hatten.

Andrea Schmidt


Die Herausforderung

Alle Wege führen durch das Sprachportal

  • To date, Signal Iduna has set a simple Interactive Voice Response (IVR) on. However, navigation through the voice menu at the push of a button is limited, as there are simply too few options.
  • The New Voice Portal Should Greet Cellers in a Friendly Manner, Their Identify concerns And them — if necessary — by querying their customer data Authenticating. Even the Privacy query Should in future Automates Take place.
  • Per CRM interface After successful routing, service staff should be clearly presented with all information that a caller has provided to the voice bot.
  • With the help of the so-called “Smartlink” functionality, the voice bot should, in appropriate cases, be Self-service offerings Can link to the company website.
  • The challenge of the project was to find all possible Dialog Paths to think through in advance and the entire Formulation range Depict that customers use to describe their concerns.
Heute profitiert Signal Iduna von diesen Vorteilen
Automatische Anliegenerkennung, sowie Identifizierung und Authentifizierung
Verkürzte Wartezeiten für Kunden
Entlastung der Mitarbeiter
Die Lösung

Mehr Zeit für exzellenten Service

  • In the Design phase Formal principles were first clarified, the approval of the works council was obtained, data protection questions answered and determined to which goals the new language portal should route.
  • Finally, the old IVR was replaced by a system with natural language recognition replaced. Involving the necessary Voice and customer interaction technology Was created by Dynamic Flow (DFW), the central workflow engine with voice portal functionality from IP Dynamics, enables. Per DFW Signal Iduna's CRM system was also connected.
  • By collecting keywords and wording, evaluating recorded customer conversations and extensive testing, a grammar developed, which takes into account all potential dialogue paths and the range of formulations offered by customers. In this way, the system was adapted to the specific requirements of Signal Iduna tailor made.

Find out more details about this case in our detailed reference report

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