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In line with the motto “simply more personal”, KALO does not operate a conventional call center, but provides its customers with personal contacts.


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Anrufe pro Jahr

1,6 Millionen

IP Dynamics impressed us with its high level of flexibility and absolute competence. Our wishes were taken seriously and were never rejected. With IP Dynamics, the customer is still king.

Artur Grandt, IT project manager at KALO


Die Aufgabe

Eine multifunktionale und zuverlässige TK-Infrastruktur

KALO manages around ten million measuring devices and smoke detectors and bills more than 1.6 million apartments per year. In line with the motto “simply more personal”, KALO does not operate a conventional call center, but provides its customers with personal contacts for all matters. KALO needed a reliable update to the communication infrastructure so that billing experts and customer service could always be reached.

„Zwischen den Kollegen von KALO und IP Dynamics hat sich ausgehend von der anfänglichen Ausschreibung eine echte Teamarbeit entwickelt.“

Hans-Werner Sönksen


Die Herausforderung

Sanfte Migration

  • modernizing the telecommunications infrastructure
  • Involvement analog devices (fax and conference phones)
  • Specific calling features provide (e.g. conference calls, call forwarding and call acceptance)
  • All of this as soft migrationso as not to interfere with ongoing business operations.
Heute profitiert Kalorimeta von diesen Vorteilen
Funktionen, wie ideotelefonie, Audio– oder Videokonferenzen, Instant Messaging und Collaboration Sessions nutzbar
Flexiblere Gestaltung ihres Arbeitsalltags
Die Lösung

Hohe Flexibilität - in der Umsetzung und im Ergebnis

The rollout began in June 2017. To ensure smooth migration, the transition took place in several steps:

  • The system is connected to the communication center by a tailor-made server from IP Dynamics. Future growth is no problem, after all, up to 30,000 participants can be connected to the communication center.
  • Both conventional desk phones as well as mobile phones and softphones can be easily integrated.
  • The seamless integration of mobile devices and participants from the home office is no problem.

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