An awareness of nature, animals and sustainability

Tropical rainforest with river

IP Dynamics donates 5,000 euros to “Mission Earth e.V.”. The association is committed to preserving and protecting the earth.

“Let's save the world together! “This is the motto of the association “Mission Earth e.V.”. This means maintaining habitats across the globe, protecting animals and maintaining a sustainable approach to the environment.

The association consists of seven founding members who come professionally from very different fields — from veterinarians to cameramen. Through photos and films, social media campaigns, lectures and events, the team provides public relations, is involved in conservation projects and goes on expeditions.

The founder of the association Robert Marc Lehmann is responsible for the latter. Always with a team behind him, he travels to a wide variety of places around the world and supports local and international protection projects as well as NGOs and individual persons who contribute to environmental, nature or animal protection. With his expertise as a marine biologist, research diver, photographer and filmmaker, Lehmann accompanies and supports various projects. He also uncovers abuses in animal welfare and sustainability, documents them and provides clarification.

To support the important work of “Mission Earth e.V.” and to promote the protection of the earth, IP Dynamics donates 5,000 euros.

More information about the association and the opportunity to donate is available at the webpage to find.

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